Shaping the Future of Breamlea’s General Store

The Breamlea General Store has been serving the coastal community for decades. As we look to consider its future, we’ve been appreciative of the input and ideas provided by Breamlea residents, campers and community groups.  

We’re sharing a Community Consultation Report, summarising the feedback received through surveys, workshops and focus groups held in late 2023. This report captures key themes and priorities voiced by locals. It also outlines the recent Expression of Interest process to seek potential operators for leasing the store building. Unfortunately, no submissions were received from potential operators. 

It’s clear the Breamlea General Store is well regarded within this community, so we’ll re-evaluate options as we continue striving to strike a balance between community benefit and financial sustainability. Therefore, we’ll continue to operate the General Store whilst further reviewing services and operating models in the next few months, to inform the Barwon Coast Committee 2024-25 budget.   

Have a read through the report, we’ll aim to provide the next round of updates in July 2024. 

We’re committed to an open and honest process, listening to your voices as we shape the future of this local asset together.  


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Click the link below to access the Phase 1 report: