Facilities & Infrastructure

A key part of Barwon Coast’s role is the management and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure along our coastline. These facilities include public amenity blocks, playgrounds, BBQ areas, more than 45 beach accessways and 19km of coastal trail networks.  Barwon Coast’s Outdoor Maintenance Team maintain these public spaces to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all visitors.

Routine Works

Routine works include monitoring beach cleanliness, picking up rubbish along the beaches and throughout the reserves, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of amenity blocks, mowing, pruning and general grounds maintenance.

Major Works

Major works, supported by government grants, can include the renewal of beach access stairs, revegetation of coastal trails, improvements to beach accessibility and new infrastructure developments following the required community consultation and planning processes.

Safety and Assessment of Assets

Barwon Coast staff carry out regular safety inspections on coastal assets. This ensures the assets are safe for public use and also provides important information on future maintenance and renewal programs.

Safety assessments are carried out in the following areas: