Natural Resources Management

The coastal reserves managed by Barwon Coast are rich in biodiversity and provide vital habit for protected flora and fauna. 

The Barwon Coast Natural Resources Team undertakes a wide variety of environmental programs that focus on introduced plant, and animal control and wildlife protection, as well as dune revegetation and rehabilitation works.

Restoration and protection of the coastal Moonah woodlands and sand dune systems are a key priority for the team who who take a ‘natural environment first’ approach to all their works.

Barwon Coast partner with adjoining land managers and have the support of community volunteers who help to broaden our knowledge and inform best practice methods.

Pest Plant Programs

Barwon Coast implements a continuing works program to address pest plant threats and protect vulnerable species observed throughout the dune system. The works program is supported through use of contractors as required.

Dune Care Programs

Barwon Coast is taking part in a $1.5m Victorian Government funded DuneCare initiative. This program will see our dedicated coastal rangers undertake ground works that ensures the prevention of dune erosion, restoration of dune blowouts, and protection and restoration of high ecological value dune woodlands. These works include the installation of beach fencing and cautionary and educational signage.

Pest Animal Programs

Barwon Coast operates an active pest animal control program with a specific focus on the European Rabbit and Red Fox across the coastal Crown land reserves of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. Other introduced fauna that are recognised and targeted include cats and rats. Staff have significant knowledge of the reserve and of control methods utilising baiting, trapping and fumigation techniques.

Wildlife Protection

Barwon Coast staff are alert and responsive to the needs of wildlife across the coastal reserves. Resources are allocated to the protection of vulnerable species, including education and community outreach activity. 

Our remote camera program across the reserves sand dunes helps us to build awareness of indigenous fauna and the presence and location of introduced species within the dune systems.

Protection of Vulnerable Hooded Plovers

Hooded Plovers are one of Australia’s most vulnerable birds and are protected wildlife under State and Federal legislation. There are only an estimated 550 Hooded Plovers surviving along the entire Victorian coastline, with resident pairs living along Ocean Grove and 13th Beaches. These tiny birds (affectionately known as ‘Hoodies’) nest along the Barwon Coast from September to March. The breeding habits of Hoodies mean that they are in direct conflict with not only humans and dogs, but also with introduced predators such as foxes and cats.