Education Programs

Barwon Coast offers a range of free activities that cater to all age groups and levels of environmental understanding. Most take place outdoors, around the beautiful Barwon River and coast.

Content is designed to cover elements of the Victorian school curriculum and incorporates tactile and sensory experiences. 

Please get in touch to discuss how we can meet your group's needs and interests:

Education Programs

Protecting Threatened Species

Students learn how a species becomes threatened, and an understand of how the interactions between humans and the natural landscapes and effects their needs.

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A Coastal Conundrum

Through field based learning and activities, such as dune re-vegetation works, students will develop and understanding of how people impact our coastal and marine environments.

Habitat Gardens

Learn how to create a garden that attracts local wildlife. Introductory sessions and practical garden creation sessions can be tailored to suit your schools, home or public places.

Animal Adaptations

Investigate the distinct features of our local wildlife that help them adapt to their environment, find out what is required for their survival and how we can help.

Wildlife Detectives

Become a Wildlife Detective! Learn about our local wildlife, their habitat, the jobs they play in our environment, how you can help to protect them.