Seals On Our Shores

From November each year we often seeing young seals resting in the shallows, and we anticipate they will continue returning to our shores over the busy summer season. 

Seal pups leave their colony around November each year when they are around 12 months old and venture out on their own to learn how to survive. When these young seals become tired they need to haul out on land to survive, rest and get warm.  If they don’t they could drown or become hypothermic. 

To ensure the survival of these young seals we must give them the space and time they need to rest before they can safely return to the sea. 

Please remember that seals are protected wildlife and see humans and dogs as predators, they should not be approached by either. Dogs can transfer diseases to seals and the seals can transfer disease to your dog and may bite. Please keep your distance to keep everyone safe. 

If you see a seal on the shore please: 

  • Keep at least 30 metres away from the seal. 
  • Keep your dog within 50 metres of the seal and on a leash. 
  • Notify The Marine Response Unit on 1300 245 678