Installing Triple Zero emergency markers

Project Overview

Determining caller location is the most critical piece of information used by emergency (Triple Zero/000) call takers to dispatch emergency personnel and resources.

Triple Zero (formerly known as Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority or ‘ESTA’) emergency markers enable Triple Zero Call taker to immediately and accurately verify the location of an emergency 000 call in public open space.

These emergency markers have a green background and white text, and can be your gateway to help in an emergency. By quoting the unique six-character alpha-numeric code displayed on the emergency marker, you can equip emergency call receivers with clear, unambiguous directional information.

Barwon Coast provides signage across the coastal reserve to support managing risks to public safety, awareness and informed use of the coast. Following the end of the 2023/24, Barwon Coast will be installing the first of these new, green emergency markers across the coastal reserve.

Update to emergency marker installation timing

We have recently been advised that no new Triple Zero emergency markers will go live on the emergency dispatch CAD system [the system which allows Triple Zero operators to despatch emergency services to the exact location of the marker] until after the 2023/24 fire season finishes.

This means that Barwon Coast will only be able to start putting up the new markers once we are advised that the fire season is closed and that we are approved to proceed.

We will keep the community updated about the installation of these markers via our website and social media.

Installation of new markers

The installation of the new Triple Zero emergency markers will be an important milestone for Barwon Coast, as they enable Triple Zero (formerly ESTA)– the body responsible for handling 000 calls in Victoria – to despatch emergency services to the exact location of the marker.

Following the closure of the 2023/24 fire season, Barwon Coast will be installing the first phase of these new, green emergency markers at 60 locations between Collendina and Breamlea.

Replacement of existing signs

Installation of the first 60 emergency markers is the first stage of the project to replace the yellow beach location signs. The rest of the existing yellow beach location signs (e.g. 17W) will gradually be replaced by these new markers and unique alphanumeric codes, which is expected to take place over a two-year period.

The existing yellow beach location signs, such as 36W, are well-known locally but are not linked on the Triple Zero emergency dispatch CAD system, meaning that often the information cannot be used by Triple Zero call operators.

While Barwon Coast understands and respects the history and community connection to the yellow beach location signs, safety is of paramount importance, and the new emergency markers will save our emergency responders time trying to locate you.

The two different types of signs will need to coexist on Barwon Coast reserves until all yellow beach location signs can be replaced by emergency markers. Please note – where possible, the Triple Zero emergency marker is the primary system that should be used when reporting an emergency to 000.

Which code do you use?

The rule of thumb for beach users in case of emergency is if there is a green emergency marker sign with an alphanumeric code, that is what should be provided to 000 operators, rather than the yellow beach location sign numbers.

We will keep you updated

We will keep the community updated about the project, including when emergency marker locations go live, on this web page and social media.

Key Project Dates

Late November 2023
Notification of upcoming change
March/April 2024
First phase of markers installed
2024 - 2025
Remainder of markers installed

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