Notice to Mariners

Barwon Heads Sailing Association 5 knot Exemption

Mariners are advised that Barwon Heads Sailing Association organised and scheduled boating activity events in the Barwon River north of the Barwon Heads Bridge, part of the waters of the Local Port of Barwon Heads from 25 September 2022 to 21 May 2023 are exempt from certain rules of the Marine Safety Act.


1. Vessels associated with the Barwon Heads Sailing Association 2022 – 2023 calendar events are exempt from the requirements to operate a vessel at a speed not exceeding 5 knots:

(i) within 50 metres of another vessel;

(ii) within 200 metres of the waters’ edge;

(iii) within 50 metres of wharf, jetty, slipway, diving platform or boat ramp

(iv) within the 5 knot speed restriction zone

as detailed in clauses 2(c), 4(a), 4(b) and clause 10.1 of Schedule 10 of the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules.


2. The exemptions in clause 1 above will apply only to operators and vessels associated with the event which are noted on a list of member participants maintained by Barwon Heads Sailing Association.

The exemptions apply for only the dates and times in Barwon Heads Sailing Association 2022-2023 calendar of events as attached in this notice;

• BHSA Summer Schedule 2022 – 2023

• BHSA Riversholme / Easter Race schedule 2023


Mariners are advised to exercise caution when navigating in the Barwon River.

Mariners are further advised to monitor the forming wave conditions on the approach to the river entry at all times, mariners should be aware of submerged reef areas, Formby reef to the east and the fringing reef of the Barwon Head to the west.


No further notice will be issued. This notice will be self-cancelling on 21 May 2023