Managing Coastal and Marine Environments

Managing Coastal and Marine Environments

Engages students through presentation and discussion on processes and priorities for planning and managing the coastal and marine environs for future generations. Inquiry into new and emerging challenges and the complexities of creating change. This activity may include applied field assessments or dune protection works at specific sites along the coastline.

Victorian Curriculum Learning Outcomes:

Geographic knowledge – landscapes, environments:

Human causes of landscape degradation, the effects on landscape quality and the implications for places (VCGGK119)

Environmental, economic and technological factors that influence environmental change and human responses to its management (VCGGK145)

Environmental worldviews of people and their implications for environmental management (VCGGK146)

Causes and consequences of an environmental change, comparing examples from Australia and at least one other country (VCGGK147)
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ approaches to custodial responsibility and environmental management in different regions of Australia (VCGGK148)

Application of environmental economic and social criteria in evaluating management responses to an environmental change, and the predicted outcomes and further consequences of management responses on the environment and places, comparing examples from Australia and at least one other country (VCGGK149)

The sustainable risk management policies, procedures and practices designed to reduce the impacts of the hazard through preparedness, mitigation, prevention and adaptation. (ACHGE021)


Upper Secondary & Tertiary




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Environmental Management