Possum Garden

Possums can live for 15 years and are protected wildlife losing their homes. Why not consider making your garden possum friendly?

How can we help?

  • Plant local native trees such as Eucalyptus and Moonah.
  • Place a nest box in your garden 1.5 metres from your roof.
  • Keep your compost covered.
  • During hot weather leave a shallow dish of water on the ground for the possums to rehydrate.
  • Ensure dogs and cats cannot access the possums when sleeping, feeding or drinking.
  • Never feed possums human food or pet food.
  • Provide a swing rope for possums to travel safely across your property.

Did you know?

  • Possums are territorial and mark their boundary.
  • Are nocturnal so have good night vision.
  • Bright light from torches damages their eyes.
  • Have two thumbs for climbing.
  • Their prehensile tail is curled up to carry nesting material and to help them balance.
  • The joey is the size of a jelly bean when born.
  • Are preyed upon by powerful owls, foxes, cats and dogs.
  • Don’t like stinky plants.
  • The red mark on the chest of the Brushtail Possum is its scent gland, used to mark its territory.

Find out the difference between a Ringtail and Brushtail Possum in the Possum Garden Brochure.