CCTV installed at key sites

Project Overview

Vandalism and anti-social behaviour have increased on the local coast. This behaviour is resulting in damaged public property, such as toilet blocks and playgrounds. 

To tackle this, Barwon Coast, City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian Police have partnered to install CCTV cameras in key locations at Ocean Grove main beach and at the Flinders Parade playground at Barwon Heads. 

It is anticipated the CCTV cameras will help to reduce the incidence of vandalism and anti-social behaviour and help the police to identify offenders if it does occur. The CCTV is a trial approach which will be evaluated in mid 2023.

The footage from the CCTV cameras is only accessible by the Victorian Police and the City of Greater Geelong. The CCTV will operate on the same system as other CCTV across the Greater Geelong area, including in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Barwon Coast installing CCTV cameras?

We are installing cameras following a significant increase in anti-social behaviour and vandalism at Ocean Grove Main Beach and Flinders Playspace. The installation of cameras has been advocated by our local Police at Ocean Grove as a tool to help manage the incidents.


  • Where will cameras be placed?

Cameras will be installed at Flinders Playspace, Barwon Heads Bridge, The Dunes, and two at Ocean Grove Main Beach Toilets.


  • Who will have access to the footage?

Only the Victoria Police and the City of Greater Geelong. The footage will be directly fed to Ocean Grove Police Station.


  • Is the CCTV cameras on the same system that is in operation at Barwon Heads along Hitchcok Ave and in Ocean Grove at The Terrace shopping precinct?

Yes, it is.


  • Who funded the project?

The project is funded by Barwon Coast.


  • How long will the CCTV be in operation for?

This is a trial and will be reviewed post-summer to determine how effective the system is in reducing anti-social behaviour and vandalism.


  • How do I obtain access to footage should an incident occur?

You can contact Victoria Police on 52253100


  • Who operates and maintains the system?

The City of Greater Geelong. For all system enquiries, please contact 52725272