Red Capped Plovers Nesting at 13th Beach

It’s beach nesting bird season and Red Capped Plovers are now nesting on 13th Beach! The very tiny nests are located between 40 & 42W beach access ways and 33 & 34W beach access ways (near Barwon Heads 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club).

Ropes & signage have been put in place. Please help us car for the coast and avoid these areas if possible. These shy little birds lay their eggs on the beach above the high tide level, where people like to walk their dogs or lay their towels to sunbake.

Any disturbance from people or animals can drive the adult birds away from their nests or stop them feeding near the water.

During breeding season Barwon Coast will be installing signs and temporary fencing in breeding locations to protect the ‘Hoodies’ from threats. Let’s all do our bit and follow all signage, particularly in relation to dog controls.