Community Engagement Framework

Project Overview

We have developed a Community Engagement Framework to provide direction on community engagement planning and activities conducted by the Barwon Coast Committee, management team and staff for the next five years. 

This framework will help us deliver on Barwon Coast’s Mission and the vision of our key strategic document the Barwon Coast Coastal and Marine Management Plan 2020-2025 (CCMP). Section 4, Action P&I 2.2 of the CMMP requires the development of a communication and engagement plan for community and agency involvement in coastal management.

Final Community Engagement Framework

Following a comprehensive consultation program  with Wadawurrung Traditional Owner Aboriginal Corporation, extensive research and workshops with staff, Barwon Coast Committee of Management and community members, we are pleased to share the final version of the Barwon Coast Community Engagement Framework.

What is Community Engagement?

Community Engagement is a collaborative process used by Barwon Coast to connect with the community. The purpose of engagement is to seek feedback and insights about issues that might affect, impact or interest community members, such as planning, decisions or general Barwon Coast activities.
Effectively engaging with the community ensures that the skills and experience of the community are used to help Barwon Coast make better decisions. Being heard and engaged in decision-making empowers those, who use or care for the coast, to contribute to the future direction of the coastal reserves that Barwon Coast manage.In developing the framework, we will be informed by guidance, advice, and feedback from community members, the Barwon Coast Committee, partner organisations, and internal staff on what matters to them when it comes to engagement. The framework will also be guided by:

A group of people sitting at tables walking to each other and writing on paper.

A community workshop to help develop the Community Engagement Framework.

Barwon Coast was established under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 on 1 July 1995. We conserve, protect and manage 19 kms of coastal land at Collendina, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach and Breamlea. Our Mission is “We care for Country respectfully, preserving the coast for people to connect, understand, and protect whilst enjoying the unique natural environment.” 

We operate the Barwon Heads Caravan ParkRiverview Family Caravan Park, Riverside Camp Ground, and Breamlea Caravan Park as well as managing various commercial leases and licences. All revenue raised is reinvested to care for the natural environment and to provide facilities and infrastructure along the coast for use and enjoyment by all. A major local employer in Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove, we have more than 50 skilled employees from a diverse range of backgrounds working across the coastal reserves.

We are committed to working alongside Traditional Owners, local communities, partner organisations and visitors in our work to care for the coast.

Community Workshops

Two community workshops were held on the 23rd November 2022. These workshops were an opportunity for community members to let us know what principles of community engagement they would like to see implemented by Barwon Coast. This information will be used in developing the Community Engagement Framework.

Thankyou to all those who attended.

Key Project Dates

October 2022
Wadawurrung engagement and desktop review
November 2022
Staff & Committee workshops
23 November 2022
Community Workshops
Early-mid 2023
Feedback analysed and framework drafted
October 2023
Final Community Engagement Framework shared

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