Long-nosed fur seal at the Bluff

A male long-nosed fur seal has been resting near the base of the Barwon Heads Bluff over the last month.

The seal needs a little time and space to recover, so a temporary beach closure approximately 50 metres past the end of the Barwon Heads promenade (at the north face of the Bluff) has been implemented.

The seal is being closely monitored by Marine Rescue and Barwon Coast staff.

If you plan to visit the intertidal zones at the Bluff, please access them from 28W (the 13th Beach side of the Bluff).

Please joining us in hoping for a great health outcome for this amazing marine creature.

To find out more about the rules around what to do if you encounter seals on our beaches, visit the  Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action web page.