Life on the Edge, a free guide to the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary

We’re excited to share the release of “Life on the Edge” – a comprehensive pocket guide showcasing the remarkable biodiversity of the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary.


We provided funding to Friends of the Bluff to print this refreshed publication that explores the unique ecosystem where life thrives amidst changing tides, powerful waves, and shifting sands.

The 17-hectare sanctuary at the mouth of the Barwon River features both sandstone and basalt reefs, creating a rich habitat for marine life and kelp forests. From towering kelps to intricate algal lattices and tiny crustaceans, the guide highlights the resilience and beauty of species adapted to this rugged environment.

We commend Deakin University student Charlie Darcy for his invaluable contributions, spearheading the production through layout, design, and text editing. His dedication has breathed new life into this educational resource.

We take pride in supporting initiatives that foster appreciation for our region’s natural wonders. “Life on the Edge” not only educates but inspires protection of the Barwon Bluff’s remarkable underwater biodiversity, from vibrant sponges to vital crustaceans. The Bluff and its surrounds hold cultural significance for the local Wadawurrung People
and offers invaluable learning opportunities about Victoria’s marine and coastal environments.

We encourage everyone to explore “Life on the Edge” and develop a deeper appreciation for the smaller creatures that call the Barwon Bluff home. Join us in celebrating and safeguarding this extraordinary natural treasure.


Where to find your copy:

You can pick up your complimentary copy

  • At the Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre every Sunday between 1-4pm
  • Barwon Coast office during business hours
  • The Barwon Heads Caravan Park reception
  • Riverview Family Caravan Park reception
  • Breamlea Caravan Park reception

Charlie Darcy speaking at the Barwon Estuary Heritage Centre (Lobster Pot)A crowd sitting in the Barwon Estuary Centre