Tour Operator Licenses

Who requires a Tour Operator Licence?

If you conduct a commercial recreational activity anywhere on the Barwon Coast foreshore or beaches you are required to hold a Tour Operator Licence.

What is a commercial recreational activity?

Commercial recreational activities could be anything from stand-up paddle boarding, walking tours, surfing to wellness and fitness activities such as stretch, strength, yoga, personal training, organised swimming and running.

You need a licence if the activity you operate has commercial gain and is regular or repeated. 

If the activity is a one-off, you will likely only need an event permit.

How to apply for a Tour Operators Licence?

As the public land managers of the Barwon Coast we are responsible for issuing Tour Operators Licences for activities carried out on the land we mange.

We support safe, sustainable, high quality nature-based tourism and recreational activities that provide opportunities to connect people with the outdoor environment and importantly, contribute to the local economy. 

The requirement to hold a licence is set out within key public land management Acts: National Parks Act 1975, Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978, Forests Act 1958, Land Act 1958, and Wildlife Act 1975. For full details visit the DEECA website.

Tour Operators Licences are awarded on expressions of interest basis. The number of licences is limited to ensure equitable use of the coast by businesses and the public.

Express your interest

To register an expression of interest please contact