Standard Terms and Conditions


Barwon Coast Committee of Management Inc has granted a lease/license/permit or entered an agreement which is the subject of the provisions of this release and indemnity.

In this document the Crown is: The State of Victoria and includes the Secretary as body corporate to the Department of Environment , Land, Water & Planning and the Committee of Management and their respective employees, servants, agents, contractors and invitees and the indemnity and release shall apply to these parties collectively and individually.

My Indemnity Release Agreement**

Contact Details

Event Details

Filming Event Type*
DD slash MM slash YYYY
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Please include as much detail as possible such as google map reference or EBAN - Emergency Beach Access Number. You will be asked to attach a detailed site map at the end of this application.

Filming Site Occupation (includes setup & pack up times)

DD slash MM slash YYYY
Start Time
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Finish Time

Road Closure Times (if applicable)

If a road closure is required you must contact Vic Roads for permission as the responsible authority. Evidence of permission must be provided.
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Start Time
Finish Time

Site Setup Details (please provide as much detail as possible)

Marquees or other shelters?*
Please indicate the size and number of marquees or shelters and explain how they will be held down.
Portable toilets?*
Please indicate the number and location of portable toilets and mark on you detailed site plan.
Musical entertainment?*
Amplification equipment ?*
Please detail operation times.
Lighting equipment?*
Will alcoholic drinks be served or consumed?*
Consumption of alcoholic drinks in public places, sunset to sunrise is prohibited in the City of Greater Geelong. You must seek permission from the City of Greater Geelong to consume alcohol during these times and from Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation to serve alcohol at any time. Contact the City of Greater Geelong.
Do you require access to power or water?*

Other Event Information

Will Drones be used? (If Drones are proposed to be used as part of your event, please submit: 1. RPA operator accreditation or Remote pilot Licence (RePL) 2. CASA Drone Registration)*
Proposed event signage*
No signage of any description is to be erected without prior Barwon Coast approval. Approval from the City of Greater Geelong’s Local Laws department is required for signs located outside Barwon Coast managed coastal reserves. Please detail the type of signs, sizes, quantity and locations.
Are animals part of the Event?*
Other relevant activities (e.g. fireworks, acrobatics, balloons etc)*
Note that the releasing of balloons or other objects into the natural environment is not permitted and is regarded as littering; penalties may apply.

Vehicles Access & Parking

Is vehicle access onto the coastal reserve required for drop off/pick up purposes?*
DD slash MM slash YYYY
Time Required
Will the filming event affect traffic and/or require a large amount of parking space?
If you answered yes above please attach a detailed traffic and parking management plan.

Event Impacts & Risks Assessment:

Waste management is the responsibility of the organiser unless expressly agreed otherwise. Films that involve the dropping of litter (e.g. drink cups) must provide immediate clean up on the day of the Event. Please also outline any recycling details. We may be able to assist with waste management on a fee-for service basis on request.
Please outline how the filming could affect or public access (e.g. by open space/beach users, club members, local business staff or patrons) in the vicinity of the filming area.
Please outline how you plan to minimise social impacts related to noise, site setup, event activities and the behaviour of people attracted by the filming(considering both visitors and nearby residents).
Please outline any risks associated with the conduct of the Event, including risks to participants, film staff, spectators, personal or public property, or the environment. Attach separate risk and emergency management plans if appropriate.
Please outline the impact of your Event on open space, flora and fauna, waterways or other environmental values and describe how you will minimise impacts.

Relevant Authorities

When planning your filming event you may need to contact the following relevant authorities. Please indicate those you have made contact with:

Other Information

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