Dogs on Beaches

As populations increase so to does the number of dogs using our beaches. A social friendly dog is most welcome in areas designated for dogs, but we encourage all dog owners to be responsible. It is recognised that dogs have a significant impact on our wildlife and that many people are uncomfortable in public areas with unrestrained dogs.

Our dog control orders are made in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong who have legal responsibilities under the Domestic Animal Management Plan.

The beaches are for the creatures:

  • Scoop the poop and dispose of it in a bin or take it home
  • Keep your dog close to you even in a supervised off-leash area
  • Dogs rushing up to another dog or person is not acceptable, remember not everyone likes dogs and we all have a right to be here
  • Our beaches are for the creatures, so please do not let your dog go near any wildlife; dogs can transfer disease and pathogens to wildlife
  • A dog must not be within 50 metres of a seal
  • Hooded Plovers nest on our beaches, so please walk your dog the other way if a nest is in the area. These birds need rest to successfully raise chicks, not disturbance
  • Marine birds resting on the beach see dogs as predators even though these animals do not display signs of distress when approached, they are indeed compromised further by the action of your dog

For all dog compliance issues please call the City of Greater Geelong Animal Control Unit on T: 03 5272 5272. 

For serious dog offences please call 000.

Together we can make a difference.