Waste Management

Barwon Coast manage the coastal Crown Land reserves from Collendina, through Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads to the western end of 13th Beach. This includes waste management of beach litter and rubbish from public toilet blocks.

Beach users typically use public foreshore bins to dispose of coffee cups, dog litter bags, waste from beach activities and collected foreshore debris. Volumes of rubbish significantly increase during peak season and this has a detrimental impact on our environment.

Barwon Coast Natural Resources Management team work hard to ensure litter does not escape onto the beach or into the river and that birds are stopped from spreading the rubbish into environmentally sensitive areas.

From mid-November 2021, following a review of waste management practices, Barwon Coast will provide large 240-litre general waste and recycling ‘Wheelie Bins’ placed inland from beach access points, including along coastal pathways and carparks where vehicle access is available. These bins will be regularly emptied by a Waste Management contractor.

Dog litter bags are also provided by Barwon Coast and are located alongside or close to the foreshore bin, please always clean up after your dog.

Everyone plays a role in taking the pressure from litter off our beaches. Barwon Coast encourages all beach users to take their rubbish home with them and only ever leave only footprints on the beach.

For bin locations please open the attached map.

Report an issue:

You can report public waste bin issues including damaged bins and full bins.

Please describe the issue, advise the location and attach an image if relevant and always provide your name your contact email or phone.

To report an issue please email office@barwoncoast.com.au, or phone (03) 5254 1118 during office hours.

Find out more:

Beach Bins are making way for improved recycling and waste management.

Following the lead from other coastal councils around Australia, Barwon Coast made a strategic change to its waste management practices in November 2021. Open lidded Beach Bins were removed from the base of beach access stairs and ramps to make way for improved recycling and waste management.

This change to the way Barwon Coast management waste is expected to significantly reduce the impact litter has on the environment, improve safety for beachgoers and improve work conditions for Barwon Coast staff. 

For more information on the recent changes please open the attached Factsheet.