Temporary Exclusion Zones

Temporary Exclusion Zones - A new approach to wildlife management

To enable wildlife the space they need, Barwon Coast is taking a new management approach along our coastline. Barwon Coast will be putting ‘Temporary Exclusion Zones’ for wildlife protection in place. 

These Temporary Exclusion Zones will be declared on an ‘as-needs’ basis and will vary in place and location along the coastline. Barwon Coast can declare Temporary Exclusion Zones under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 regulations. The Temporary Exclusion Zones will require people, dogs and horses not to enter the area marked as an Temporary Exclusion Zone by signage. By temporarily creating an area of exclusion wildlife will be given the chance to be left undisturbed to rest, recover or breed as needed.

How will these zones be used?

An example of one potential use of Temporary Exclusion Zones is in spring when juvenile seals and Little Penguins leave their Mums behind and learn to survive in the big, deep blue sea. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always go to plan and they end up on our beaches - unwell, exhausted and disorientated. A Temporary Exclusion Zone at this time ensures they have the best chance of survival. The threatened bird species the Hooded Plover will also be a species to potentially benefit from Temporary Exclusion Zones. The short period of time when Hooded Plover chicks hatch and are feeding on the beach out to the water line prior to fledging (able to fly) is a time when the birds are very susceptible to disturbance from humans, dogs and horses. An exlcusion zone would give them a much increased time to feed, thus increasing their chance of survival. The temporary exclusion zone extends right down to the water's edge. The extent of the zone will be defined by rope cordons on the upper part of the beach.

Temporary Exclusion Zones will be well signed and promoted in newspapers, on this website's blog and Barwon Coast Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What do I need to do if I see a Temporary Exclusion Zone?

There are several things that beach users can do to help. It’s as simple as reading signs alerting you to a Temporary Exclusion Zone, don’t linger near the exclusion zone and turn around and walk the other way.