Most of our native fauna are nocturnal; active at night. Most people frequenting the coastline are not aware of the wildlife values our coastline contributes to the regions biodiversity values.

We encourage community members and staff to report fauna observations to build an awareness of the diversity of our region, which are mapped to produce a visual education tool. To date we have mapped in excess of 280 native animals.

Ongoing pest animal management endeavour to protect wildlife and habitat in our coastal reserves. Best practice industry standards are applied, whilst partnering with adjoining land holders and other stakeholders maximises efficiencies. 

Our control programs address rabbits, foxes and feral cats which are communicated to the general public through on ground signage, public notices and media.

Help protect our coastal habitats and fauna by being a responsible pet owner.

Zoos Victoria AGL Marine Response Unit T: 1300 245 678

Coastal Tender Program: Remote Sensor Camera's video.