Caring for Coastal Assets - Beach Access Ways

Barwon Coast is appointed by the State Government to care for, protect and manage coastal crown land reserves at Collendina, Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, 13th Beach and Breamlea. A key part of this role is the management and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure along the coastline including beach access ways. There are more than 45 beach access ways along the coastal reserves managed by Barwon Coast this includes stairs, ramps and over 17 kilometers of coastal trail networks.


The role of beach access ways

Beach access ways provide safe and convenient public access to the beach and minimise the environmental damage that is caused when people and their pets tramp through the natural dune system to get to the beach.


Monitoring and assessment of coastal assets

Given their positions and the nature of the harsh coastal environment, tidal systems and unforeseen storm damage beach access structures, stairs and ramps, are highly susceptible to damage and often require repair or replacement when they become unsafe or are at the end of their useful life.

Barwon Coast staff inspect these assets every month and again following storm events. This ensures the assets are safe for public use and also provides important information on future maintenance and renewal programs.

When required Barwon Coast rely on additional support from Marine Engineers and consultants to inform us on how structures should be safely repaired, or how replacement structures should be designed.


Funding of repairs and replacement of coastal assets

Renewal and repair of coastal assets are funded in partnership through Barwon Coast and a range of Victorian Government funded programs.

Barwon Coast applies for Government grants to ensure funds are available to complete repairs or renewal. Grants are applied for after detailed assessment and designs, including cultural heritage and coastal impact analysis, are completed.

It can take between 12 and 18 months to successfully secure grant funding.  The replacement of a coastal structure is subject to available funds and grants and works can not take place until funding is secured. 

Ocean Grove Main Beach Access Ramp