Ocean Grove Surf Beach Complex Redevelopment

The proposal to redevelop the Ocean Grove Surf Beach Complex, that houses the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club and 'The Dunes' cafe, has  progressed significantly with the plans to date made available to the community at an Open House held at the SLSC on Saturday 15th July 2017.

Project partners, Ocean Grove SLSC, Barwon Coast and their architects Wood Marsh were onsite at the Community Open House discussing with the 60-70 attendees all aspects of the project. Considerable written positive feedback has also been received.

The Dunes' cafe is proposed to increase from 231 m2 of lettable space to 579 m2 and the OGSLSC increasing from 752 m2 to 1980 m2.  Public toilet facilities are increased and also supplemented with additional facilities in both the cafe and SLSC.

Works will be achieved without significant increase on the existing building footprint, with the proposed works providing a state-of-the-art high architectural and functional appeal surf lifesaving facilities for one of the busiest beaches in the state.

Barwon Coast and the Ocean Grove SLSC agree the proposed development will be a well-located community facility capable of catering for major functions, seating almost 300 people, and will also provide training and conference facilities for the Bellarine Peninsula, which is expected to experience continuing significant tourism and residential growth over the coming decades.

Members of the community still have the opportunity to view the plans and comment on them, through the Barwon Coast website or by contacting Barwon Coast directly on 5254 1118.

To view the plans, click on the right hand side PDF links.