Addressing coastal erosion impacts at Ocean Grove Main Beach

In recent years the Ocean Grove Main Beach has been heavily impacted by coastal storm erosion. This coastal erosion threatens the foreshore and the beach access assets which are located on it. These assets include the Main Beach Access Ramp, the beach car park and the toilet block.

What have we been doing about this problem?

We have been working with environmental consultants Water Technology to investigate the coastal erosion processes and what options for solutions are available.

What are the issues?

Part of the solution to the erosion impacts will be the replacement of the main beach access ramp and foreshore protection works. The ramp is old and with recent storm impacts becoming more severe it needs to be redesigned and rebuilt to maintain safe access to this significant stretch of coastline.

The existing ramp is structurally compromised as a result of damaging coastal processes, notably a large storm in 2015 and a continuing series of surge impacts which caused significant local erosion of the sand dune.

We have lost 6 to 8 metres of this foredune in the last ten years. This is, in turn, threatening important community beach access infrastructure on the top of the dune, including the main beach car park and toilet block.

How are we working with the community on this project?

We need the community and key stakeholder groups’ assistance to make the best decisions on a new ramp design and foreshore protection arrangements at this site. We have conducted a series of Open Houses at the beginning of October 2018. A number of documents detailing information about the Open Houses can be downloaded from this website:

  • Community Open House Summary Report. This report details community feedback we received at the Open Houses. The community were asked to detail their objectives for Ocean Grove Main Beach and what they valued about the site. The community were also asked to provide their thoughts on a number of coastal erosion protection treatment options used elsewhere in Australia. The treatment options were displayed and the community asked to answer two questions about each: What do you LIKE about this protection approach?; and What do you NOT LIKE about this protection approach? We welcome further comments on these options.

  • Copies of posters which were on display at the Open Houses

What next?

Barwon Coast will be working with coastal engineers from Water Technology to develop draft concepts for a new ramp and erosion protection works. The community values for the area as well as the specific feedback on each potential protection treatment will be considered alongside other evaluation items such as cost and effectiveness in protecting against erosion in choosing and designing the draft treatment concepts.  

Can I still get involved?

Yes! A series of ‘Listening Posts’ will be held on the Ocean Grove Main Beach to display draft concepts for a new ramp and erosion protection works. The details of these are listed below.

Community Listening Posts

Thursday 8 th November, 3pm to 6pm


Saturday 10th November, 7:30am to 10:30am

                     Drop in anytime

Where: Ocean Grove Main Beach. We will have a marquee set up at 15W Beach Accees adjacent to the beach ramp and Kettlefish Pop-up restaurant.

What will happen at the Listening Posts?

We will be showcasing draft concepts for addressing coastal erosion at Ocean Grove Main Beach. We will also display draft plans for a new ramp. We invite anyone with an interest in the ramp area to come along and say hello.

Barwon Coast staff and environmental consultants from Water Technology who are assisting us with a review of coastal processes along the main beach will be at the Listening Posts to answer any questions.


Get in Touch

If you belong to a sporting or community group who use this area and would like to talk to us about issues of particular concern to your group, please contact or 5254 1118 to make an appointment.

We also invite anyone with interest in this project to contact us at Barwon Coast on 5254 1118 or email